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Why should I join the Neon Owners Club?
What do you have to offer?

These must be 2 questions that are running through your mind.

Although the Neon has only been out of production for a few years it is becoming apparent that dealership support is starting to wane and indeed it seems to be becoming the car that D.C. forgot. This can only get worse with the passage of time.

The Neon Owners Club offers all its members the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and information on all aspects of neon ownership.


Sense 1996 "NEON AMERICA" as a club that is setting trends in whatever we do. We are looking for neon enthusiasts with goals in whatever it is they do. Whether it may be racing, showing, stereos; whatever the case just be proud of your vehicle, after all your car expresses your own unique personality.

Membership is open to all NEON owners who show interest in promoting the objectives of the club. To become a member, Simply click the join button and fill out the form. The membership is Free. There is a fee for the Vinyl Logos, if you choose to have them.

Neonamerica does does not condone street racing, save it for the track..