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Neon America Club History

The Neon Owners Club is a web based community for owners of Dodge, Plymouth, Chysler Neon's and our aim is to enable owners to share information on all aspects of Neon ownership.


Anyone who currently owns or has previously owned a Neon is welcome to subscribe to NEONAMERICA.ORG. Although predominantly a United States based Club we welcome Neon owners worldwide to join us and contribute to our community.


History of the Club
In 1996 three individuals purchased there neons started to gather in groups, these groups started to gain in size and numbers.

Soon their thoughts turned to modifications and enhancements but because of the relatively small numbers of neons, aftermarket sales and support were rather poor and they was forced to turn their attention to carshows, and events.


Having trawled the internet it became apparent that the UK market catered far more for Chrysler Neons, as they are known over there, and so they started the process of sourcing and importing parts.


During this process they wanted to chronicle their progress and created a website as there was nothing of a similar nature in the U.S. catering for the Neons.


Over the next few years more and more Neon owners were attracted to the website and wanted to include details of their cars.

In 1998 the three individuals split up. each forming their own group. Damian organised the first Club meeting at the InEach group haveing there own websites, members, rules, regulations ect. these goups gave way to more, groups, some large, some small. some lasted a few months, while others lasted years, if not decades.


Following the early meetings it became clear that many owners faced similar difficulties; little or no support from Dodge, plymouth or Chrysler, following the withdrawal of the Neon from production in 2005, difficulty in sourcing parts and generally a lack a knowledge about the Neon.


It was clear that the focus of the Club should be upon sharing information for the benefit of all members and that remains our goal.


In addition to major shows, informal meetings are also arranged so members can meet, exchange ideas and generally chat about their cars.


As the Club grows we hope to be able to offer more to our members and are always open to ideas and suggestions.