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Title: Serious help needed
Post by: Aaron Paul on September 09, 2011, 06:06:09 PM
Ok guys I am need a bit more help than I have before and so I figured I would check here for any help.
  I have a 98 SOHC 5 spd manual 4 door neon. Has mild head work ( port, polish and port sizing) has cold air intake turned to hot side for MPG, upgraded wiring for electrical ( stero, battery, charging system and starting system)  and has custom built exhaust system from cat back...all rest for drive train is stock.
  Now the issues. For about 3 months now I have been seeing black specs on the rear of the car...enough now to make me think I painted the tail black when painting something else. It wipes off with out water or any real hard effort. Car has been sputtering more and more lately. Idles fine and everything checks out on Auto Tap. Codes that come up were. no 5 volt readout and fuel bank 1 to rich.
  second o2 sensor staying at 430-450 mv and not changing from there... thinking this o2 is bad.
 Now major things I am looking at doing is rebuilding either this engine or the parts engine but need to make this engine last long enough for me to get the rebuild kit.
  What do I need to check or do to keep this engine alive long enough and does anyone have a hook up for cheap but good engine rebuild kits ( full gasket, rings and bearings and most likely all new valves) please get in touch with me... I don;t wanna see her die for anymore time..

Title: Re: Serious help needed
Post by: Northern on September 09, 2011, 09:06:17 PM
Does the black stuff dilute in water of float in it?

sounds like excessive carbon, change out the O2's other wise....
put each piston at TDC ( top dead center) take a compression tester fitting ( quick release style )
 and place it as if you where going to test the cylinders compression. now use that to place charged air into the compression chamber.
quickly listen to the following places......  T-body, the oil cap opening, and the exhaust.

if you hear the air coming from the oil cap opening ( valve cover ) that would be bad rings.
if fits from the intake or exhaust system then its bad valve seats.

but be carefull when you do this, you can cause your self and or your car to get hurt, its compressed air you know.....